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Take the Personal Injury Lawsuit Quiz!

Perhaps over the course of the last election you heard some local politicians touting the need for a resurgence in a decades-old movement known as “Tort Reform.”  The movement is based, in part, on the unsupported notion that we have too many Personal Injury Lawsuits in this country and that they are driving up costs for consumers.  How much do you really know about Personal Injury Lawsuits?  Take this short quiz and find out!

  • What percentage of civil cases are Personal Injury lawsuits?
    • Less than 10%
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • More than 75%

The answer is “a.”  The National Center for State Courts (NCNS) determined that 93% of all civil lawsuits are NOT Personal Injury lawsuits.  In fact, the lion’s share of civil lawsuits involve contract and small claims disputes.

  • What types of lawsuits constitute the majority of civil litigation?
    • Consumers suing doctors and hospitals
    • Consumers suing banks and credit card companies
    • Consumers suing health insurance companies
    • None of the above

The answer is “d.”  To the contrary, according to the NCNS, consumers are the ones being sued most often in contract cases, with 37% of contract cases being for debt collection, 29% of them being for landlord/tenant disputes, and 17% of them being for foreclosure. 

  • How big are most jury verdicts in Personal Injury cases?
    • $50,000 or less
    • $100,000 to $250,000
    • $250,000 to $500,000
    • More than $1,000,000

The answer is “a.”  The NCNS found that half of all jury awards in Personal Injury cases were less than $30,000 and that only in a mere 2% of Personal Injury cases did the verdict exceed $1 million dollars.

In light of these facts, is it still reasonable to suggest that we have a Personal Injury lawsuit crisis in this country or is Tort Reform starting to look more like a concerted effort to block injury victims’ access to justice?