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Winter Blitz DUI Enforcement Starts Today

Today marks the start of Colorado Law Enforcement’s 10-day long Winter Blitz, one of twelve periods of heightened DUI enforcement throughout the year.

The high-visibility campaigns, collectively dubbed The Heat Is On, aim to reduce impaired driving in our state through advertising, community outreach, and a focus on impaired driving arrests.  

News outlets, community organizations, and law enforcement purposefully advertise these campaigns in hopes of reducing impaired driving across the state before it happens.  Motorists are reminded that driving can be impaired resulting in catastrophic injury to themselves and others even after as little as one or two alcoholic drinks.  While the criminal costs of a first time DUI can be upwards of $13,500 (including fines, legal fees, and increased insurance costs), many forget the potential greater consequences and costs posed by civil claims and litigation pursued by victims injured by impaired drivers.    

We applaud law enforcement for their efforts to reduce the number of impaired drivers on Colorado roads and invite victims injured by the negligence of impaired drivers to utilize our firm’s free consultations to educate themselves about their legal rights of recovery.

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