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Multiple Motorcycle Crash Fatalities in Colorado Springs this Weekend

In the early hours of the morning yesterday, August 23rd, CSPD was notified of a serious crash in the 1000 block of S 21st Street on the West Side of Colorado Springs.  A Jeep struck a motorcycle while attempting to turn into the parking lot, killing the motorcyclist and seriously injury the motorcycle passenger.  

Police have not officially announced whether drugs and alcohol are suspected as contributing factors in this crash or whether the driver of the Jeep would be cited.  The motorcyclist in this collision is the 26th traffic fatality in Colorado Springs this year. 

Sadly, this fatal crash happened less than 48 hours after another motorcycle fatality in the city.  The motorcyclist in the earlier crash was not wearing a helmet.  CSPD did not comment on whether the motorcyclist and passenger in Sunday morning’s crash wore helmets. 

The loss of life has an undeniable and tragic emotional toll on the family and friends of these motorcyclists who perish in these crashes.  However, there is also a very real economic loss for both the survivors and the greater economy.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the national economic impact of motorcyclists not wearing helmets is in excess of $1 billion.[1]   In Colorado, the economic impact annually is estimated to be in excess of $200 million.[2]

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