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Safe Return to School

School districts in the Pikes Peak area have worked hard this summer to craft safe return-to-learning plans for the Fall in light of COVID-19.  For those schools where students will attend class in person, much emphasis has been placed on ensuring a safe and sanitary classroom to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus in our community.  For parents, each option for the 20/21 school year is not without its own significant pros and cons and if you are among the parents who have decided a return to in-person learning is right for your little one, please remember to include the trip to/from school in your discussions about safe habits with your children.     

Pikes Peak Region Return to School Plans

As the mother of very young children, one of my worst fears is my child being hit by a car because s/he didn’t fully appreciate the danger of her or his surroundings.  Pedestrian injury is the third leading cause of injury-related death for 5-14 year old children.[1]  Crossing the street and walking through a parking lot is a complex skill requiring attention, visual and auditory perception, and quick decision-making.  Here are five steps to rehearse with your children especially when returning to school to help them avoid pedestrian injury:

  1. Stop at the curb, not in the street.
  2. Listen and look right, left, behind you, in front of you.
  3. When you can neither see nor hear cars coming -OR- you made eye contact with drivers of stopped cars, it is safe to cross.
  4. WALK, do not run, to cross the street.
  5. Always use crossing guards and crosswalks when possible.

Pedestrian injuries can be very serious and have implications for multiple types of insurance coverage of both the child’s parents and the driver.  We can help parents navigate the myriad of issues which arise when their child is involved in a pedestrian versus auto incident so Mom and Dad can focus on what matters most: their child’s recovery.     

[1] https://www.chp.edu/injury-prevention/safety/street/safety