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School Bus Safety Rules

Many El Paso County children will return to in-person learning this month.  If your children are utilizing school transportation, it’s always a good idea to review school bus safety rules with them at the start of each semester.  Many school districts have implemented COVID precautions for riders in addition to normal safety protocols.  Some school districts do a better job than others at outlining school bus safety rules on their website and some do not devote any attention on their website at all to school bus safety rules.  This month we are reminding our friends and neighbors about school bus and school zone safety rules to help keep kids safe in and around Colorado Springs. 

Pikes Peak Region School Bus Safety Rules
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School Bus Safety Rules For Students

Around the School Bus

  • Get to the bus stop before pick-up time
  • Stand on the curb and away from the street as the bus approaches
  • Wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to load the bus
  • When crossing the street in front of the bus, stay 10 feet in front of the bus and make sure the driver sees you before crossing (by making eye contact)
  • When walking beside the bus, give plenty of clearance and stay on a curb
  • If you drop something under the bus, DO NOT try to retrieve it.  Tell the driver and get help.

On the School Bus

  • Stay seated on a moving bus
  • Do not distract the driver
  • Face forward
  • Keep arms, legs, and head inside the bus
  • Keep aisles clear
  • Use your indoor voice
  • Follow the bus driver’s directions

If your child is injured in an incident involving a school bus, short notice periods may apply for purposes of filing an injury claim and prompt legal consultation is advised.