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CSPD New Years Eve DUI Arrests Down From Last Year

The Colorado Springs Police Department reported a total of 22 DUI arrests for the 2019 New Years Eve Holiday following their participation in stepped up enforcement efforts as part of the statewide Heat is On campaign at the close of the holiday season. Before the holiday weekend, it was widely advertised that police across the…

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2020 New Years Resolution: Mindful Driving

How many times have you arrived at a destination only to realize you have no memory of the drive there?  Distracted driving is a dangerous habit and it’s more than cell phone use or changing radio stations while the vehicle is in motion.  Applied Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment and…

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Documenting Your Personal Injury Claim

When you are injured in an automobile collision, the amount of paperwork involved can feel overwhelming: a frequently asked question is what documentation is important to keep and give to my Colorado Springs Injury Attorney and what can be disregarded.  The general rule is, if a document is in any way related to the collision…

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Take the Personal Injury Lawsuit Quiz!

Perhaps over the course of the last election you heard some local politicians touting the need for a resurgence in a decades-old movement known as “Tort Reform.”  The movement is based, in part, on the unsupported notion that we have too many Personal Injury Lawsuits in this country and that they are driving up costs…

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