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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims

Do I need a Personal Injury Attorney?

With all the self-help resources available on the web these days, you may be tempted to forego hiring legal representation to handle your Personal Injury claim in favor of trying to negotiate a settlement on your own. That may or may not serve your interests in the long run. The insurance company would certainly prefer that you not hire an attorney. They are likely to pay less for your claim and settle it sooner. Moreover, dealing with a novice claimant gives them the upper hand. The adjuster will work hard to build rapport and gain the trust of the injured claimant so that the claimant relies on information from the adjuster about what s/he is entitled to receive for his/her injury claim. Unfortunately, adjusters often give misinformation in these circumstances, either because they themselves are misinformed or because they are purposefully toeing the insurance company line.

The internet resources which tell unrepresented claimants how to negotiate their own personal injury claims often get a lot right: the problem is, they are never complete and they are never written with the unique circumstances of YOUR CASE in mind. Often, these how-to articles are not even tailored to the law of the state which applies in your case. Moreover, tactics and strategies that work well with one insurance company do not necessarily work with another. When negotiating a claim with an unrepresented claimant, the insurance company is rarely concerned about the threat of a lawsuit: the lesser the exposure, the less money that needs to be paid to extinguish it. If you start negotiating your own claim and realize that you’re in over your head, you may have a hard time finding an attorney who is willing to take the case on at that point because of irreparable damage already done to your case.

Can you negotiate your own personal injury claim? Yes. Absolutely. People do it every day. Some unrepresented claimants do successfully negotiate settlements that are higher than the insurance company’s opening offers. In small cases involving minor injuries that require little to no treatment, the involvement of an attorney may not yield a significantly better result than what can be accomplished by a savvy unrepresented claimant who has done some homework about injury claims. BUT, do you risk leaving money on the table and making a mistake with consequences so great that you regret negotiating your own claim for the rest of your life? Yes. Absolutely.

Not everyone needs a Personal Injury Attorney after they have been hurt in a car crash, but if you were injured in a crash that was not your fault, it is important to educate yourself about your rights by utilizing our free legal consultation as soon as possible after the crash occurs so that you can decide for yourself whether you need a Personal Injury Attorney.

How much does it cost to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

One concern for folks who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence is whether they can afford legal representation to pursue their claim. When you retain Colorado Injury Law Center to represent you in your personal injury case, we will invest in your case and reduce your financial risk by offering to work for you on a contingency fee basis.

About Contingency Fees: A Contingency Fee is an agreement where a private law firm agrees to represent a client without taking any money upfront and instead, the parties agree, in writing, to a fixed percentage which will be paid to the private law firm upon settlement or award in the case. When a private law firm agrees to work on a contingency fee basis, the firm will also agree to advance costs necessary to handle the client’s case. While it is an ethical violation for a private law firm to advance funds to a client to cover living expenses, it is permissible for a private law firm to cover costs of litigation and preparing for litigation, such as costs for things like postage, copies, medical records, and retained experts.

We Invest in Our Clients: We do not agree to take a case unless we believe we can place a client in a better position than the client was in when we first met him. For this reason, we do not rush to sign up new clients or apply a high-pressure sales pitch to prevent prospective clients from shopping around only to cut them loose a few months later when we discover some weaknesses in the case. While no attorney can guarantee a particular outcome for any case, we invest in our clients’ cases by carefully selecting the cases we do take, by working on contingency, and by advancing costs to cover case expenses along the way.

We Reduce Financial Risk for Our Clients: Because we work on a contingency basis, the client bears less financial risk to pursue her claim. This is because if we are unable to recover compensation for the client or if the client suffers a loss at trial, we do not collect any fees. This is another way we invest in our clients while also reducing the likelihood that they will be in a worse financial position after the conclusion of their cases than when we started working for them. Note, however, there are other financial risks associated with a loss at trial, which is why you should always carefully consult your attorney when deciding whether or not to litigate your particular case.

Complimentary Initial Consultation: There is never a fee to meet with an Attorney at Colorado Injury Law Center to see whether we can help with your personal injury case. During the consultation, we will also answer questions and explain the claims process in general.

What types of Personal Injury claims do you handle?

  • Insurance Bad Faith and Unreasonable Claim Delay/Denial
  • Drunk Driving Crash Injury Claims
  • Car Crash Injury Claims
  • Semi-truck Crash Injury Claims
  • Bus Crash Injury Claims
  • Motorcycle Crash Injury Claims
  • Bicycle Injury Claims
  • Pedestrian Injury Claims